2. Key numbers

Main events

24 JAN

EDP issues €600 million bond maturing in September 2023.

27 MAR

EDP sells €574 million of tariff deficit in Portugal.

24 APR

EDP Brasil awarded with 4 new electricity transmission concessions.

21 JUN

EDP issues U.S.$ 1,000,000,000 of Note.

27 JUL

Conclusion of sale of 100% of EDP’s Gas Distribution in Spain.


EDP increases stake in EDP Renováveis to 82.6%.


S&P upgrades EDP to “BBB-” with stable outlook.


Conclusion of sale of 100% of EDP Gás Distribution in Portugal.

30 OCT

EDP signed a 5-year revolving credit facility in the amount of €3,300,000,000.

14 NOV

EDP issues EUR 500 million bond maturing in November 2027.

22 NOV

EDP sells EUR 584 million in securitization of electricity tariff deficit in Portugal.

13 DEC

Notes Buyback by EDP finance BV for an aggregate amount of up to US$ 500,000,000.

14 DEC

EDP Renováveis is awarded a long‐term RESA for 248.4 mw of wind onshore in Canada.

19 DEC

EDP Energias do Brasil celebrates agreement to acquire 14.46% of shares in Celesc.

20 DEC

EDP Renováveis is awarded long term contracts for 218 MW of wind at Brazilian energy auction.