Stakeholder management is a demanding activity, which requires the transparency of businesses in their relationship with society and, in particular with all those that have an impact on, or are being impacted by business activities.

Stakeholder engagement within the EDP Group is a strategic priority for the maintenance of a transparent and open dialogue with all those to whom the business relates to. Building and strengthening relationships of trust, sharing knowledge and relevant information, anticipating challenges and identifying new opportunities for cooperation are the main goals of EDP's Stakeholder Relationship Policy.

Competition Financial
Government Public
Bodies Regulation
Parliament and
Political Parties
International Institutions
Employees  and
Trade Unions
Suppliers Customers Scientific Community
Media and
Opinion Makers
Local Government Local
Value Chain
Social & Territorial Environment

Despite the growing exigence in the criteria of Stakeholder engagement established by the Dow Jones sustainability index 2017 was characterized by the lead accomplished by EDP in that criteria, ultimately achieving the highest possible score.

EDP invests in open relationships with its Stakeholders, believing that it improves performance, anticipates and manages risks, and creates value for the various Stakeholders within all the geographies in which the Group operates. For this purpose, the commitment of EDP Group's various business units, which seek to identify their Stakeholders and the relevant critical issues, has been fundamental in guaranteeing relationship channels and drawing up action plans that address the identified risks and that meet the expectations of the relationships.


We have dinamically and systematically indentified the Stakeholders that influence and are influenced by the Company, and we analyse and try to understand their expectations and interests in the decisions that directly impact on them.


We are commited to promoting two-way dialogue with Stakeholders through information and consulting intiatives. We listen, inform and respond to Stakeholders in a consistent, clear, rigorous and transparent manner, with the aim of building strong, durable close relationships.


We believe that the promotion of a climate of trust with our Stakeholders is crucial to establishing stable, long-term relationships. Our relationship with Stakeholders is based on values like transparency, integrity and mutual respect.


We aim to collaborate with Stakeholders to build strategic partnerships that bring together and share knowledge, skills and tools, thereby promoting the creation of shared value in a differentiating manner.